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Games for Hire

With our packages you are able to mix and match our games to create the perfect mix for you and your guests!

Giant Connect Four

Giant Jenga

Giant Pick-up Sticks

Giant Buzzer (5ft)

Giant Kerplunck


Spinning Plates
Juggling Balls
Hula Hoops

XL Animal Hoppers
Blue Bulls

Tandem Hoppers
Traditional Hoppers
Animal Hoppers
Animal Hoppers

Hook A Duck
Ring the Bull
Feed the Clown
Ball in a Bucket
Splat the Rat
Swing Ball

Giant Chess
(1.2m x1.2m)
Giant Draughts
(1.2m x 1.2m)

Play Your Cards Right
Croquet for four
Wooden Skittles

Giant Rope 0’s and X’s
Giant 0’s and X’s
Giant Twister
Giant Snakes and Ladders

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