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Giggles and Games Corporate

We are the industry leaders in a new, exciting and innovative way of energising, motivating and engaging your team or delegates. Enhancing your training day, event, workshop or corporate event is our speciality. Creating the perfect atmosphere, of positive thinking and mindfulness leaving delegates more open to learning by laughter and childhood memories and connections. We work with you to deliver the right package that is specifically designed around your individual corporate needs. This can be from creating a simple but effective ice breaker situation, before the event starts, through to a planned series of energising events throughout the day.

We understand how effective and inspiring an appropriate selection of games can be to people’s ability to open up, become more engaged in ways of new thinking, be more creative, interact within a team, improve concentration and most importantly maintain mental alertness. By engaging our ‘fun’ side and invoking childhood memories whilst having a few light-hearted moments this can truly benefit the key learning outcomes that you are trying to achieve with your event. This works simply and effectively due to child hood connections with the games directly bringing about greater energy, awareness, interaction, motivation and retention of information. Games cannot only bring cohesion and engagement to a group but they also facilitate their creativity, communication, motivation and overall energy.

We fully understand the benefits of our games, how best to utilise them and through facilitation how to enhance your event. Working together we can maximise your event, achieve your desired outcomes and ensure delegates will look forward to attending. We offer an exclusive facilitated service or the option to leave the games on site for the duration of your event.

Icebreakers help to set the scene
Create a visual ‘wow’ factor
Help to build early stage conversations between delegates
Energise your delegates between sessions
Improve mental alertness
Engage delegates Maximise training potential
Increase communication
Create mindfulness
Create positive thinking

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